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San Franciscos Little Boat That Could Bud Galli

San Franciscos Little Boat That Could

Bud Galli

Published October 19th 2004
ISBN : 9781418401023
116 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

We have a true story that deserves to be told. Its about a small fishing boat that started out in the Mediterranean, over four thousand years ago. She helped feed a growing civilization and helped to opened up our world. Yet she received little respect. The little boat was brought to San Francisco in the hearts of Italian fishermen and boat builders during the 1849 gold rush. For one hundred and fifty years she served that fair city providing food and rescuing passengers of ships trying to enter the bay on foggy nights. She even gave famous author Jack Londons sailboat a tow one windless day for which he paid six silver dollars. My hope is that this story will help keep the little boats alive in print because we owe The Little Boat so much and she has received so little recognition or appreciation. I feel this story is historical, inspirational and shows the love a person can have for a beautiful boat whose design was improved by Leonardo da Vinci. Universal studios has built a theme park in Osaka, Japan, It includes a replica of San Franciscos Fishermans Wharf. The little boat featured in this story now lives in Osaka, Japan as a fine representation of the Little Boat That Could.